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Have you ever woken up, and realized you are not doing what you really want to be doing with your life?

That was me a month ago, and I decided to do something about it. I quit my job did some soul searching. Sure it was a good job, but have you ever heard the phrase “Good is the enemy of great”?  I then went back through some journals, and found dreams that were on hold while I paid bills and carried on.

No more.

I want my life to have a lasting legacy, where I pass on my lifestyle of learning and growing. I have uncovered tools and strategies to harness my creative mind, and am finally ready to pass those on to you.

It is time for me to write a book, but I want and need your help! Check out my patreon page which is like kickstarter or indegogo for artists. You can get early access to my book, weekly videos describing the techniques from each chapter, or even get 1-1 video coaching each week, helping you to clarify your goals, and harness your creativity.

What is this book about? There are many productivity tricks out there, and even strategies to rewire your brain to be more focused. This book is a compilation of the best of those techniques, interjected with stories of how they have helped myself and others.

I have been busy, and already written 20,000 words in the past 3 weeks, writing about and using all of these techniques. While this is a good start, I confess that this will be my first book, and I want it to be worth your time. Below is my game plan to get the best content in your hands.

I will write and edit as much as needed to get a fantastic book out into the wild. If it takes writing 200,000 words to get 25,000 worth publishing, then that is what will happen.

So how will I get from where I am at today, to a finished product? Here is the lowdown for you sequential thinkers:

  • Publish a 2nd draft of 1-3 chapters each week, revise based on your feedback
  • Kill chapters that don’t work well, based on your feedback
  • Add additional resources based on your recommendations (read the tiers of support to see which ones include this benefit)
  • Take stories from you, examples of what is working well, and add into manuscript
  • A goal of the self published ebook ready to go on Amazon, and distributed to all patreon levels before the end of summer
  • Write a rough draft of my next book, rinse and repeat

Partner with me!

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